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Day 4 – The importance of creating some rules

In today’s challenge we’re going to be talking about the rules you need in place for your day to be effective.

Have a look at the video, or read the transcript and mark the lesson complete when you’re done.


Today we’re going to be talking about rules.

We’ve all got rules that we follow. Things that we will and won’t do and the lines that we just won’t cross.

But what about the rules that we need in place to ensure that we’re working efficiently, that we’re motivated, and focused and feeling on top of our game.

These rules are no less important, but when was the last time you thought about what these rules are for you?

They’re going to be different for different people…it might be that you want to leave at 5pm one day so you can pick your child up. Or than you want to leave early to spend time with your family. Or maybe things like you want the first hour of your day free so you can complete a meaty task off your list, or maybe you don’t want meetings back to back anymore as you’d like a bit of thinking time between each one.

Your challenge today is to have a think about the rules that you need in place to make you feel productive, and happier. A top tip is that if those rules aren’t in place, do you feel more frustrated, agitated and out of balance…if so, you know you’re on the right track.

So have a think about this one and I’ll be back tomorrow with day 5.

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