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Day 15 – Multi-tasking

Today we’re going to discuss something that I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of, and that’s multi-tasking.

Yes, you might be a multi-tasking wizard at home, I hear you, as a mum I spend most of my time at home in multi-tasking mode….however, at work it’s different.

At work, you need to be focused on getting a piece of work done and finished before you go onto something else.

Now, I know you might be hating this, but hear me out.

I understand that you get interrupted and things happen throughout the day that take your attention…but the problem with multi tasking is that all it does it take your attention and focus away from things that really need it, and it tricks you into thinking that you’re doing loads at once….when you’ve probably just got a trail of unfinished tasks behind you.

So, today’s challenge is to observe where you’re multi-tasking and have a go at doing one thing at once.

If someone interrupts you, make a decision whether you want to stop what you’re doing, and come back to it after the interruption has been dealt with, or do you want to be honest with them, and ask them to come back later when you’ve finished what you’re in the middle of and you’ll give them your full attention.

This will really do your productivity wonders.

Give this is a go…see you on the last day tomorrow.

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