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Day 14 – Meetings

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Let’s talk meetings!!

Meetings have the potential to be a MASSIVE time suck, especially when they’re not being run properly.

If you find yourself in the situation where you’re being drawn into meetings on a regular basis, before you say yes ask yourself the following question:

‘What’s the point?’

If you don’t know the purpose of the meeting then by all means go back to the chair and ask for more information.

You might also want to ask yourself whether you’re the right person to attend this meeting, or whether there’s a member of your team who can do the job just as well and at the same time free you up and give you some time back and develop them at the same time.

Today’s challenge is to look through the meetings that you’re due to attend and see if you can delegate them, and you know the purpose.

Have fun with this one and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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