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Day 12 – Use your super power

Today I’d like to share a story with you.

A while ago I was chatting to a friend of mine on the phone, and to be honest he was having a bit of a moan.

You see, the internet connection had gone down in his office, the printer wasn’t working and he was having all sorts of IT problems, and he’d spent all day trying to sort these things out.

Now, my friend is a business owner, and he runs a successful business, and at the end of our chat he said:

‘You know what, that’s a real wasted day. I could have been doing something else.’

To which I replied

‘Why weren’t you?’

And this brings me onto today’s challenge.

Is there anything you’re spending your time doing that you really shouldn’t be?

We all have our strengths (or our super powers) – things that come easily to us, and then there are things we’re just not all that great at – and for us to do these things it takes us longer.

Now, by all means if you want to learn something new go for it, however, for the purpose of this challenge if you’re finding yourself doing something that isn’t in your super power ask yourself whether this is a good use of your time.

If not, then who can you ask to help you out? Someone in your team? Or could you outsource it?

Have a look through your task log and see where these tasks come up and have a think about how you can move these off of your to do list.

Have a go and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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