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It doesn’t matter where you are on your leadership journey.

Whether you’re a Manager, Director, Business Owner or CEO there are 4 things that will ensure your success



Your mindset REALLY matters. as blocks can really hold you back.

I’m talking about Confidence, Feeling like an Imposter, and not leaving your comfort zone – this is all getting in the way of your success.



How you manage your time, your team, and yourself is crucial, and it all comes down to creating amazing systems.



Your communication skills are paramount. The way you talk, listen, and interact with your team and the people around you all impacts your success.


As the Leader it’s your job to keep growing, and to keep developing your team.

‘A rising tide lifts all ships’

My job as your Leadership Coach is to help you reach success to get you where you want to go.

“All of the things that Barbara shares are life changers both in and out of work. It’s all so useful and I’m very fortunate and privileged to have access to all of her teachings. Thank you”

Bill Arthur

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About Barbara

Barbara helps Business Owners, Directors and Managers get back in control of their day; work smarter and improve their confidence and mindset – and really grow as a leader.

She does this through her one to one Executive Leadership Coaching, her online membership vault The Leadership Toolbox, her leadership development programme (The Boss Hat Programme) her Time Management Programme (Time Mastery). She is also the author of the book The Boss Hat – become the leader you were always meant to be. She prides herself on teaching leaders at all levels the small tweaks they can make to reap MASSIVE results.

With a style that has been described as ‘Down to Earth’ ‘Fun’ and ‘Approachable’ – like ‘chatting to your friend but getting amazing results at the same time’ Barbara focuses on helping leaders get the rewards they want whilst building a life and career they really love.

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