The one thing you can NEVER get more of…

We all know that if we really tried we could make more money. We all know that if we really wanted, we could all get fitter and slimmer, and we all know

that we can all get healthier by making individual life style changes….that’s if we really wanted to.

We also all know that unlike all of these things time is the only thing that we can’t replace. For example, I will never ever get these few moments back that it’s taking me to write this article. I will never ever ever get back this morning to do it over again, and I will never ever ever, no matter how hard I try be able to make more time. The time that we all have isn’t infinite – but for some reason it is the one thing that we all have no real problem in wasting.

When we stop for a moment and really start to analyse where we know we’re wasting time, it can be quite shocking. The times that we’ve watched a TV programme or film we’ve seen and weren’t really that bothered with, but there was nothing else on. The times that we’ve played that game on our phone that doesn’t teach us anything or tax us in anyway, it’s just something to do whilst we wait for the bus / train. Or the times we’ve read an update on Facebook or that you tube video just because someone posted it and it’s right there in front of us. It doesn’t even have to be activities that we do in our free time, but what about the things we do at work? The times we’ve stopped what we’re doing when our outlook has pinged another email and we go instantly to read it? Spending time filing or organising or writing up notes? Going for another cup of coffee when we don’t really want one. We all have them, and I’m sure you know what yours are – the things that you do that don’t offer you any value at all apart from they just serve as a way to kill your time.

]Which begs the question, why do we want to kill time, knowing that when it’s gone, it’s gone?

Making the most of our time is a good habit to get into though it’s not about dashing around desperately trying to make the most out of every second and never relaxing (as doing nothing and relaxing is a very worthwhile thing to do) but more about being aware of where we’re using these time wasting activities to procrastinate and put off doing things that will really add value. Things that have been on our to do list for a while, or things that would make our lives better, easier and make us feel like we’ve actually accomplished something worthwhile – the tasks that we just need to start and keep doing until they’re finished.

So, my challenge to you is for one whole day be very aware of what you’re doing and more importantly why you’re doing it. Challenge yourself to think about the real reason for doing something…is this going to add value, or is it just another excuse for not doing something else and therefore wasting your time?

Give it a go and see how much more you get done and let me know in the comments.


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