The Momentum Masterclass.. How to get more Clients, Confidence and Momentum in your Coaching, Consulting or Service Based Business

Do you feel like you're going round in circles in your business? Taking one step forwards and one back and feeling stuck in Business Groundhog day?



Let's face it...You didn't start your business to feel like the *world's best kept secret*

That feeling of knowing you've got the skills, knowledge and experience, but always taking one step forwards and one back.

Of going round in circles, trying all the things in the hope that something will work, and at the same time struggling with your own self doubt and feeling of overwhelm.

And even though this is your business and you've been working so hard, you're feeling frustrated at seeing other people getting the results you really want, and you can't help feeling like there's a secret piece to the puzzle that you have no idea about, that would make all the difference and it's really starting to affect your confidence and how you show up online.

So, instead you find yourself doing things like:

- Getting really busy with other things, and saying yes to doing work that you really don't want to do.

- Comparing yourself to other people

- Hiding rather than talking about your message

- Going round in circles constantly re-visiting your offers, prices and what you want to be known for.

Sound familiar?

All the while you'd love nothing more than to have everything click into place. To know exactly who you are and what you do so you can explain it at the drop of a hat and that feels aligned with who you are, the confidence to show up and shine your light and not second guess yourself at every turn, to only say YES to work that is your zone of genius AND for you to start getting the momentum you've always dreamed of.

If this is you, and you're a Coach, Consultant or Service Based Business Owner you're in the right place.

Trust me it is possible and this is my jam!

I'm Barbara Nixon and taking Coaches, Consultants and Service Based Business Owners from 'Stuck to Success' is my super power and I'd love to help you too!

That's why I'm hosting a LIVE Masterclass where I'll be sharing:

✔️ The 3 Reasons you're not getting the momentum you want.

✔️ My tried and tested strategy for getting more Clients, Confidence and Momentum

✔️ AND the key practices you need to be doing every single day to get more sales.

PLUS as it's happening LIVE you can ask me your questions too.

Sound good? save your seat just register below.

I'm Barbara

I'm a Success Coach and Business Mentor and I'm here to help amazing business owners just like you get out of your own way, stop holding yourself back and step into your power.

I've been in the People Development space for over 20 years, 12 years in corporate and 10 years running my own businesses and throughout that time I've helped hundreds of people from CEO's to solopreneurs to improve their mindset and grow their confidence so they can get the results they really want.

I've also grown my own 6 figure business, published a book and enabled my hubby Dave to leave his corporate job and focus on his business too.

That said I'm no stranger to getting in my own way too. Yep, I've definitely worn that T-shirt more than a few times! Which is why I'm on a mission to help others too - after all life's just too short to play small!

I can't wait to hang out with you on the Masterclass.

See you there