What’s your story?

The one thing that has connected all of human kind is the love of stories. It’s what we use to pass down lessons from one generation to another. To teach history, to tell of battles, and to make people laugh.

If you look a bit closer to home, stories are what you’ll have been brought up with. The traditional fairy tales that originated as cautionary tales to the more elaborate Disney films created to entertain.

Even as adults we surround ourselves with stories, from news broadcasts, newspapers, books of fact and fiction and just gossip between friends.

Stories, make up our lives…so use them.

Tell your colleagues your story. How you got to where you are now. Share things you’ve done well, catastrophic mistakes you’ve made (we’ve all got some) and things that were ridiculously funny. Tell them about the people you’ve met, worked with and been influenced by, and ask them to share there’s. Make stories a way of life. Teach with them, communicate by them and inspire people with them.

Share stories about the companies journey. The history, how it started and how it became what it is today. Share the things that are important and the things that everyone is proud of. Encourage people to share the stories with others. Their families and their friends, and help people make their own stories of their own journeys and careers with the company.

Stories resonate with people, they touch them on a deeper level. They are emotive, and inspirational and they encourage people to want to be part of something.

Start telling stories today.


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