Lessons from Leaders – Julie Smith Head of Development and Trustee of the Netball Development Trust

In this episode of Lessons from Leaders I chat to the amazing Julie Smith, the Head of Development and Trustee of the Netball Development Trust.

Julie and I have known each other for a while and she really is a fantastic and passionate person to chat to. What’s interesting though is that Julie isn’t full time with the Netball Development Trust (which is absolutely her passion), in fact she juggles this with her day job and talks openly about how she does that.

This chat is full of great learning points that you really don’t want to miss, so I’ve listed them here…

4mins:20 – Why you should take a risk

5min:23 – Why saying yes is important

9:03 – Why you don’t deserve to be unhappy

10:16 – Knowing your why

11.23 – The importance to jump for each opportunity that arises

13:00 – Why you deserve to be happy and not to be stuck in a rut

14:00 – Julie talks about her greatest challenge

15:08 – Julie talks about her vision and the importance of a vision

16:18 – Why you shouldn’t wait until you retire to be happy

16:53 – Julie shares her top 3 skills

18:02 – The importance of self care

19:55 – Julie’s book recommendation (link below)

Watch it here


If you want to learn more about the Netball Development Trust click here

And to order your copy of Julie’s recommended book click here

I’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Fred Wanyonyi

    Hi I’m Fred from Kenya a volunteer with NDT-kenya.I have known Julie for last 5 years to be an inspiring team leader..Under her guidance we have grown from the initial 3 schools to over 20 schools in 2018. Her love kids and passion for netball is incredible . long live Julie.

    • barbaranixon

      Thanks so much for your comment Fred. It’s so lovely to hear about the amazing work Julie’s been involved in 🙂


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