How do you create a sense of ownership in your team?

This week I’m answering a question that I got asked…

I’m busy growing my business and now have a team of 5 but they don’t seem to care as much about the business as I do. I know this is a big ask, after all it’s my business and not theirs but I’d really like them to have a sense of ownership. Any ideas?

Creating a sense of ownership in your business is really important, as the more people feel like they belong, the more they’ll feel  motivated and have more passion which will in turn leak out into all areas of your business.

So, how do you go about doing this?

1. Involve them

Involve them in writing your mission statement, creating your values, looking at the strategy of the business, and if possible in key decisions. The more they’re involved the more they’ll feel like they have a sense of belonging.

2. Encourage new ideas and ways of working

If they’re pumping a little bit of themselves into the business and you support them along the way they’ll not only feel developed but that they’re adding real value

3. Create a great team 

Team work does take time, but by working to gel your team together it’ll make it a more supporting and motivating environment where everyone is working together as a group.

4. Role model the way

As the leader, all eyes will be on you for how you should behave. Coach people on what they should do differently, give feedback where they could have done better, and praise for a job well done, and above all don’t forget to share your expectations with the team so they know what’s important to you.

Another great thing to do is to use the word ‘we’ rather than ‘I’. This will re-enforce that you think of the team as the business and that their input matters.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…please let me know by leaving a comment and feel free to share this post with someone you know.




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