Bed time reading for Leaders

As a self confessed book worm one of the things that I absolutely love to do when I’m working with people is recommend some bed time reading – and it’s also something that I get asked about a lot.

So, I thought I’d put together a quick list of some of my favourites. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means and even though it’s a list of 10 it’s not a top 10 so in no particular order.  I’ve also tried to choose great reads from a variety of different topics depending on where you are at the moment.


  1. Essentialism by Greg McKeown if you’re wondering how to get more done in your day this book does just that…and a lovely easy read too.


  1. Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson If you’re going through change…this is the book for you.


  1. Whale Done by Ken Blanchard one of my favourites of Blanchard’s books all about the power of praise. Another easy read.


  1. Mob Rules: What the mafia can teach the legitimate businessman by Louis Ferrante – I’m always on the look out for different and interesting takes on leadership. This definitely did this for me.


  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers – this book is timeless and completely changed my world.


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
C.S. Lewis

  1. The promise of a pencil: How an ordinary person can create extraordinary change by Adam Braun – A wonderful book about how a company with real meaning and purpose was created.


  1. The Boss Hat: Become the leader you were always meant to be by Barbara Nixon – sorry, couldn’t resist putting my own book in here. Perfect if you want to learn how to be true to yourself as a leader whilst getting the best out of your team.


  1. The Big Leap: Conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level by Gay Hendricks – I love this book. If you find yourself self sabotaging your success it should definitely be on your reading list.


  1. The Desire Map: A guide to creating goals with soul by Danielle La Porte A fantastic book that takes you through goal setting with a difference.


  1. How Google Works by Eric Schmidt – I love business biographies and this one is fantastic. A perfect insight into what makes Google great.


Please feel free to share your favourite leadership / business books in the comments as I’m always looking for new things to read 🙂


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