5 ways to re-address your work life balance

Today we’re talking about something that has been coming up a lot over the last few months…and that’s work life balance.

Now, I personally am not a huge fan of the term ‘work life balance’ just because I don’t feel like ‘balance’ is quite the right word, as we can’t always get 100% balance in our lives. Sometimes work is going to take more time and sometimes home is going to take centre stage, and that’s OK. So for me it’s about getting that rhythm right and finding that feeling where everything’s working as it should be and is perfect for where you are right now.

That being said the topic of work life balance has been coming up a lot in the last couple of months, and what I’ve noticed is that it’s this feeling of being out of kilter and that work is leaking into your personal life in some way.

So, if that’s where you’re at, at the minute here are some tips to help you get back on track.

  1. Walk your self through your entire day and see where the problems are

Quite often we go through our days on autopilot and we don’t realise where things could change. So, spend a few moments mentally walking through your day and make a note of where you need to make some changes. For example – if you’re checking your phone as soon as you open your eyes in the morning – does that get you off to a great start? If you’re checking your emails whilst you’re watching tv or eating dinner does that need to change? Whatever it is for you, make a note of it and start to put some fixes in place.

  1. Replace some out of date habits

These fixes might mean that you need to work on replacing out of date habits. Now, we’ve all got these – but you can do something about them. You don’t need to just accept them and keep them forever. So, decide what you’re going to do instead. So for example if you want to change checking your emails whilst your still in bed – have a go at leaving your phone in another room for instance – or at the other end of the room so you can’t grab it whilst you’re still laying down.

Replacing out of date habits does take time, so go easy on yourself – and just keep trying no matter how many times you forget. Forgetting isn’t an excuse to give in.

  1. Explain to the people you work with and your family what your plans are

Share your plans with the people around you so they can hold you accountable. So tell your team that you won’t be answering emails after a certain time, and tell your family and kids to tell you when you do.

Your kids will be brilliant at this…trust me!

  1. Have something planned in the evenings to do

If you feel as though this is going to be too difficult to switch, have a go at booking out your evenings. Join a club, start a new hobby and even go out for a walk …when you’ve got something that you’ve got to do – you’ll find it a bit easier to push other habits (like checking emails) to the side.

  1. Look at the benefits for you

When you’re clear on the benefits you’re going to want to do it more. So, before you start be super clear about what the benefits are for you and your family. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to feel? Work these out and you’ll be a lot more motivated.

I’d love to know your tips for getting your day back on track. Let me know by leaving a comment and to get your copy of the free workshop ‘Reclaim your Day’ click here


  1. Sorcha Bangham

    Take your work emails off your personal phone. If this is a step too far, turn the notifications off.


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