5 ways to manage your own Boss

As a Leader it goes without saying that you have to be on the ball with leading your team, and leading yourself.

But more often than not there is still that one person that you really could do with managing, but you’re not all that sure whether you can, should, or even how to go about it?

Quite often one of the quickest ways to feeling frustrated and eventually disappointed at work is when you could really do with something more from your Boss. Whatever that might be. Recognition, time, being empowered, communication etc – but you’re not all that sure how to go about getting it.

If this is you, here are 5 tips that could come in handy…

1. Don’t wait for them to come to you

One of the main frustrations about having a Boss is the expectation that they’ll come to you. For example – they’ll come to you with your annual appraisal organised, your monthly one to one meeting all organised,  the answer to the question you asked, the decision you’re waiting for, the training you need….the list goes on.

Waiting for anything can quickly turn into torture especially if you need an answer, so instead have a go at asking them for what you need, or even better, organise your own one to one and send them an invite. Chances are they’ll be pleased you’ve taken the initiative.

2. Be clear about what you need

Your Boss isn’t a mind reader, just like you can’t read the minds of your team. So, don’t expect them to be able to. If you need something, for example, 30 minutes of their time once a week, then be clear about what this is, and why. Then again take the initiative to book the meeting and invite them with a clear agenda.

By being honest about what you really need from them, and by asking them what they really need from you, you’ll both be able to work within that framework.

3. Jump in to help

Not feeling empowered is a common complaint when it comes to Bosses, so have a go at empowering yourself. If you can see your Boss swamped with work and you’re able to lend a hand, offer to jump in and take something off their plate. They may not even have thought about asking you for help, so it might be a welcome relief.

4. Be solution focused

One of the main things that Bosses say about their team is how they’d love them to be more solution focused. What this means is that instead of going to them with a problem, go with a solution and discuss that.

5. Don’t expect anything

The fastest way to feeling frustrated or disappointed is when you’re expecting something that doesn’t materialise. So, make peace with the fact that you might never get to hear the praise, or recognition that you’d really like (and deserve) and just know that you’re doing a great job without having to hear it.


I’d love to hear your ways of managing upwards. Let me know by leaving a comment, and if you’d like to keep developing yourself this year you can do this by joining me on my free LIVE monthly webinars. To get your invite every month subscribe at the bottom of the page.



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