5 ways to develop your team (and make your life easier)

Management developmentSo, let me ask you a question…how many of these can you relate to?

  • You spend most of your time dealing with things your team should be able to do on their own
  • You are stuck in reactive mode, and seem to spend your life ‘fighting fires’
  • You are constantly being interrupted by your team to answer questions, solve problems, make decisions (this list can go on)
  • You can’t seem to get your team to be more self sufficient

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these then the time has come for you to start developing your team.

Now, at this point you could have let out one humongous sigh in a ‘oh but do I have to, I’ve tried that…’ kind of way, and if so, that’s perfectly ok, I completely understand. You’re already at saturation point as your day is jam packed with things that need your attention – so how on Earth are you going to fit in something like this?

Well the simple answer is that if you don’t, nothing will ever change for the better and your team will still be like this in years to come – and who needs that?!

But it doesn’t have to be too horrendous. All it takes is a commitment from you that you’re ready for something to change, and to start to work some new habits into your daily routine bit by bit, and you’ll soon start to see some results.

Ready to get started? Have a go at this 5 step process

Step 1 – Decide exactly what you need

So many managers want their teams to grow and be different, but when you ask them in what way, they’re not really sure. So, grab yourself a cuppa, sit somewhere quietly for 30 minutes and have a good old think. In an ideal world what would you love your team to be able to do every day? What would make a massive difference to you? What would make your life so much easier? Would you love them to come to you with a solution rather than just a problem? Would you love for them to just get on with things and update you once a day or once a week? Would you love for them to make their own decisions?

Decide what you need them to be able to do and scribble it all down on a piece of paper…as this is where you’re heading.

Step 2 – You do it first

Now comes the tricky part…you have to go first. Whatever you wrote on that piece of paper you need to decide how you enable the behaviour to happen. For example – if your team come to you with a problem do you solve it for them? Do you make all the decisions? Do you get involved when no-ones asked you to? If so, now’s the time to have a look at how your behaviour is impacting your team and what you can do instead. Need an idea? Check out these blogs….

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Step 3 – Be consistent with your communication

 Decide on how you communicate with your team – whether it’s daily briefings and updates; or monthly one to ones and team meetings, – decide what the purpose is for each of them, and be consistent. Regular updates are gold, not only for keeping people in the loop but for you to understand exactly what’s going on. They’re also a great way for keeping people motivated and for you to coach and support people as you go along. So, get them in the diary and stick to them.

Step 4  – Keep nudging

There are times when you’ll be so busy that it’ll be just so much easier (and quicker) to slip back into answering that question, solving that problem, making that decision….just that once….but resist – because these are the times that really make the difference. Resist and use ever ounce of will power to gently nudge back. Ask your team what they think, what they think they should do, what solutions they have, what answers they have and coach them to come up with the solutions on their own.

Step 5 – Give feedback

We all like to know we’re doing a great job, so keep giving feedback and praise as you go along. It’ll make all the difference.

Have a go at following these 5 steps and let me know how you get on by leaving a comment.

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Hope to ‘see’ you there.


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