Five Top Appraisal Tips for Fantastic Results

Do you ever conduct appraisals with your team? These are generally annual events and can be incredibly beneficial for you, (the manager), and the employee. They give you the opportunity to give and receive feedback, motivate, develop and learn about your employee, so it’s important to get them right. Unfortunately, far too often they’re rushed, leaving both parties frustrated and with a feeling of “What was the point of that!”

If this is you…let me take you through these five top appraisal tips you need in order to conduct a Performance Appraisal with confidence.


Tip #1 – Ask Questions

Ask Questions throughout the meeting – Good open questions will encourage the discussion and the employee to talk and contribute. Use What, Where, Why, How, and When to keep the conversation going.

You can also use TED

  • Tell Me
  • Explain to Me
  • Describe to Me

It’s an excellent way of encouraging the conversation to flow throughout the meeting.

Tip #2 – Prepare for the Appraisal

Avoid having the meeting without preparing – Yes, preparation takes time, but it is definitely worth doing. It shows your employee that they matter and that you’ve taken the time to think about the meeting. So, always prepare before-hand. Think about what has gone well for the individual over the past 12 months, what could’ve been improved and where do they need support. Have a think about the feedback that they need, whilst remembering that it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Tip #3 – What are the Benefits?

What’s your WHY? – Yes, you probably have to conduct the appraisal as part of your role, but have a think about the benefits before-hand. Why do we need to do them? How will it benefit you as the manager? How will it add value to your employee? Appraisals give you the opportunity to sit down on a 1-1 basis with your team member. This may not always be possible day to day.

Tip #4 – Talk Freely

Remember there’s someone else in the room – Don’t be the manager that doesn’t look up from the appraisal form and just works their way through it from beginning to end without thinking about the employee. It is their appraisal so talk to them about it.

Tip #5 – Listen

Listen – By listening to your employee you are instantly making them feel valued, special, and respected. Not only is it a great motivator but it’s a fantastic way to learn. Focus on the individual and really listen to what they’re saying.




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