4 ways to stop getting ill right before your holiday

Picture this…

Your desperately needed holiday that you’ve been looking forward to for months is finally getting close, so you look down at your list and have a brain wave…’If you work like a crazy person in the last week you could get everything done and go away with a clean slate and then really relax.’

So, that’s exactly what you do.

For that last week you start work early, pull a few long nights, go all out and bust your gut. When you get to Friday you’re well and truly shattered but happy in the knowledge that it’s your last day and you’ve almost crossed the finishing line. You cross a couple of final things off your list, skip out of the office. You’ve made it, and are off, ready to start your much needed break and down your tools for at least a week.

Only that’s not where this story ends is it?

The day after (hopefully a day before you’re due to get gone) you wake up with a scratchy throat, a heavy head and a body that feels like it’s run a marathon, and you can hardly lift your head from the pillow….NOOOO!!!


If this story is familiar to you, you’re not alone (I’ve been in this camp too!)

Here are 4 ways you can stop it happening once and for all…

  1. Plan for your holiday

You planned your holiday in advance so create a plan for how to lead up to your holiday. By using your last day of work before your holiday as D Day you’re sending a message to your brain that everything has to be done by then. Instead, plan for your ‘last day’ to be a few days before that and use that extra time to wind down slowly, get ahead for when you come back, or to prepare your team for when you’re away.

  1. Increase your self-care routine

By really going for broke before your holiday you’re probably using up all your reserves just to get you to the finishing line, so try not to increase your hours or go for that final sprint. Instead really focus and prioritise your self-care, especially the simple things that you might forget like taking lunch; grabbing some fresh air and finishing at a decent time.

  1. Prioritise

Ask yourself – do you really need to get everything done?  Would anything burn to the ground if you didn’t? Is there anything on your to do list that can wait? That someone else can do? Or that needs to be done at all? If not, put it on your list for when you come back…or better yet, ask your team to help you out.

  1. Use your team

Your team are there for a reason so use them. Bring them up to speed with what you’re working on, and what needs to be done in your absence and delegate some of your work. This will not only take a massive load off you, but will also develop them for the future.


I’d love to know some of your tips for not getting ill before your holiday so please feel free to share in the comments.


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