4 ways to have fun at work

Whenever I mention having fun at work, I’m often greeted by raised eyebrows and the odd comment like “Yeah, Right!”

What is it about fun at work that for most of us, just doesn’t sit right?

Having fun is a great motivator. It’s a great way to build teams and bring people together. It’s a fantastic way of releasing stress and helping people see the human side to you, and well…it’s just plain fun!

For most of us we spend more time at work than we do at home. More time with our colleagues than our loved ones. More times trying to be serious than smiling and having a bit of a laugh.

Want to inject a bit of fun into your team? Have a look at these 4 tips…

1. Do a fund raiser

If your team is not really used to doing fun activities a good way to kick it off is to have a fundraiser, as people will generally get behind something if it’s for charity. From fancy dress to a pub quiz style event, there’s loads you can do. Ask the team what they’d like to do and who they want to raise money for.

2. Use small team build activities

Team builds don’t have to be formally organised and off the premises. You can do similar activities in the comfort of your own office. It can even be as simple as putting a puzzle on a white board to see who can solve it.

 3. Create an incentive / competition

If you have a big project coming up you could make it into an incentive to create that sense of competition between teams.

 4. Order in some pizza’s

If games aren’t your team’s thing, why not, just order in a pizza one lunch time and just get around and chat?

Whatever you come up with has to be in keeping with your culture for it to work. Ask your teams for some ideas on what they’d like to see happening and how they would like to have fun at work.

I’d love to hear your ideas on how you’ve injected a bit of fun into your work. Let me know by leaving a comment.



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