#3 – How to give your new recruit an awesome welcome

Today, we’re going to imagine you’ve just recruited a new member of staff and how to give them an awesome welcome…and why you should do just that.

Ok – Now, just to make sure we’re all on the same page, when I say induction what I mean is the process you take a new member of staff through to make sure they understand everything they need to know about the company, and their role. I just wanted to make that clear in case your definition of induction was different, or if you called this process something different.

Right – a good and thorough induction is so important when you start a new role. Now, I know that it’s tempting to rush this, or even side step it altogether, especially if you’re busy and you really need the person to hit the ground running – but I would urge you to really take the time to do this properly. It is definitely a case for one of my mantras which is short term pain long term gain. And, let’s face it, once you’ve gone through the process of designing your induction it can be used again and again with just a few tweaks here and there. I would also mention that if you want the person to really add value, be motivated and get busy then their more likely to do this if they feel like part of the team and really know what’s expected of them. A good induction will do just that.

So – let’s go back a step first and talk about why we need one. When you’re starting a new role you might have a real mixture of emotions. You might be excited and looking forward to getting stuck in and adding value, to feeling incredibly nervous and anxious. How you’re welcomed into the company and the role will really help you feel a lot more relaxed and sure that you’ve made the right decision. This feeling of excitement can quickly turn to misery especially if you’re not treated properly, or left alone or even just left to get on with it – and it isn’t uncommon for people to miss their old job, feel like they’ve made a mistake and just feel miserable – and it’s much harder to bring people back from this then start them off on the right footing by making them feel welcome. It really doesn’t matter if you’re part of a bigger company – you can create a team induction to welcome people into your team, and if you’ve got a small company again this shouldn’t matter.

Remember, a good induction is just code for a great welcome into your company / team.

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