22 easy tips for managing your own stress

As a leader of a team it’s so easy to spend all your time and energy supporting others that taking care of yourself can often be missed.
But it’s so important that you take the time to do a sense check on how you’re feeling from time to time to make sure that you’re not at risk of suffering from stress or burnout.

In a recent webinar that I presented for Shorebird on stress management we discussed the best ways that we can ease stress when we are crazy busy and during the session, with the help of all who attended, we created this list….

  1. Change how you think about stress. In her TED Talk Kelly McGonical talked about how people who see stress as helpful rather than something that is bad for you don’t experience as many health problems when under stress. Take a look here
  2. Take your lunch break away from your desk
  3. Give meditation and breathing techniques a shot
  4. Get out of the office at least once a day…even if it’s cold or raining. The fresh air will do you good.
  5. Get support from the people close to you. A two minute vent with a close friend might be just what you need….just remember to not dwell on it, but move on.
  6. If you can’t  control the events…don’t try
  7. Get some regular exercise each day. Even if it’s just a walk around the block.
  8. We all know we should be doing it…but eat a balanced diet.
  9. Before you go home write your to do list for the next day, empty your head and then leave it on your desk so you can go home leaving work behind you
  10. Listen to music or the radio
  11. Sing
  12. Make time for you…and your hobbies
  13. Get out in the garden
  14. Get a good nights sleep
  15. Don’t rely on alcohol to relax you
  16. Be realistic with your own goals and what you want to achieve
  17. Take a couple of minutes to get away from your desk and get a cuppa
  18. Think of happy moments and people that make you smile
  19. Watch funny videos
  20. Practice mindfulness
  21. Try not to take things too personally
  22. Don’t be afraid to speak to your GP

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