10 things you hate about your Boss

Having a boss is often a necessary evil. Just like your family, it’s usually not someone you choose, but someone you end up with. If you’re lucky this person can be an extremely valuable asset. Someone who will support and develop you, someone who’ll coach and mentor you and someone who will help you with your career.

Yes, Bosses can be great…but who’s perfect all the time?

Here are 10 things that you hate about your boss…

1. When you come into work in a bad mood and then ‘infect’ the whole office

I get it. We all do. You’ve had a bad journey to work. You got stuck in traffic, you couldn’t find a parking space; you slept in; you missed your train; the cat threw up in your shoe…you’re in a bad mood. So what? Unless something truly horrendous has happened please leave the bad mood at the door and put on a smile. We don’t all need to be dragged down.

2. When you cancel important meetings with me like one to ones or appraisal

Every day is busy. We’ve all got loads to do, so I value the time I get with you to discuss things that are personal to me. When you keep cancelling these meetings I feel as though I’m not important so why should I bother?

3. When you don’t communicate properly. Having information in your head isn’t helpful

If I’m working on something, you need to give me all the information. Please don’t hold things back so that you can contribute too. Allow me to do my job and tell me everything that I need to know. Last minute surprises are not a good thing!

4. When you take credit for my work

It’s my work and my idea so give me the credit for it. It’s not a sign of weakness, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Taking the credit for my work is paramount to cheating and we’re taught not to do this at school. It makes me not trust you, and in future all I want to do is avoid sharing anything with you at all. This is not the way to get the best out of me. Instead, tell the world just how amazing your team is!

5. When you praise me by e-mail

Praise is great. We love it. But not by e-mail. Sure, if we don’t work in the same office or you really want to capture the moment – but then pick up the phone. It’s much more personal and it means more.

6. When you give me work to do, and then check up on me every 2 minutes

If you’re going to delegate something to me, empower me as well. Give me all the information I need and an opportunity to check in and discuss it with you, but then leave me to it. It’s not helpful to have someone looking over your shoulder. Give me the space to get the job done.

7. When you don’t trust me to deliver a piece of work, even though I’m more than capable. You don’t have to do everything yourself!

I can see that you’re really busy and you’ve got loads to do. Let me help you. You don’t have to be a super hero, give something to me. Not only will it lighten your load, it will give me a chance to spread my wings.

8. When you ask me to do something and then do it yourself anyway

What is the point of this? I don’t need to be kept busy so if you’re going to do something, do it. There is absolutely no value both of us working on exactly the same thing.

9. When you give me false promises

Rule here is, don’t say it if you don’t mean it! False promises are incredibly de-motivating. If there isn’t chance of promotion; development; more money etc tell it to me straight so I know where I stand.

10. When you ask for my opinion and tell me it’s wrong

If you don’t want my opinion…don’t ask!


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