10 Lifehacks for Leaders

Are you a leader who could really use some time to reflect and think? Do you crave just 10 minutes a day where you can catch up on your reading or do some much needed planning? Do you sometimes wonder how you can step off the hamster wheel even for a moment so you can catch a breath?

It’s so easy to get used to being busy, and whizzing from one day to the next. This is ok in the short term. You might secretly get a buzz from the constant rushing around, but left unchecked can leave you feeling stressed, out of control, burnt out, or even just…well…unproductive.

Ready for the much needed 10 minutes, and to get some headspace? Take a look at these Leadership Lifehacks just for you…

1. Trust your team

You hired your team for a reason, so trust them to do the job that they’re paid to do. Make sure they’re well trained, and understand what’s expected of them and let them get on with it.

2. Stop jumping in

This goes hand in hand with trusting your team. If you find yourself jumping in to solve every problem or make every decision your team will get used to letting you and before long it’s the norm and you’re doing their job as well as your own. If you’ve already jumped down this rabbit hole coach them to be more self sufficient, and break this habit once and for all.

3. Create some rules for yourself

We all have times when we work best, and things we need so we can be on top of our game. Think about what these are for you, and create some rules around them. For example do you work best in the morning, then use this as your thinking time and keep e-mail turned off and don’t book in any meetings.

4. Analyse your time

If you have absolutely no idea where your time is going it’s time to take a look at your working day. Where are you spending your time? What tasks are you doing? Keep a track and be honest with yourself. Is this a good use of your time? Are you adding value?

5. Know your strengths

We all have our very own superpowers. What are yours? Have a really good think about what you’re good at? Where do you excel? Where do you feel strongest? Once you know…do more of this.

6. Take a lunch break

This is an oldie – but oh, such a goodie. Don’t ignore your lunch break. You need to eat, and your brain needs to have a moment to chill. Get some fresh air, and take a deep breath. You’ll feel so much better as a result.

7. Don’t multi-task

Multi-tasking is a myth, so avoid it like the plague. Do one thing at once, get it finished and off your list. If something comes up that needs your attention, then deal with that before going back to what you were working on. One thing at a time.

8. Delegate

Delegation is not only a fantastic way to get you some time back, but also great for developing other people. If you’re one of those people who thinks it’s quicker to do it yourself, you’re not doing yourself any favours. By taking the time to develop someone else means that you’ll always have back up for that task…and you never know you might uncover someone else’s super power.

 9. Learn to hate surprises

Surprises usually mean being reactive and fighting fires. Not good for creating headspace, especially if it’s started to become a regular occurrence. So, instead, support your team to be pro-active, by fixing the common problems once and for all. Put in a good communication plan so that you’re kept in the loop and encourage good planning and project management.

10. Plan for home as well as work

We don’t live at work so make sure home is planned for too. By planning your meals, and out sourcing some of the tasks you haven’t got time to do like shopping, cleaning and ironing, you’ll feel much calmer at the end of the day and able to focus on doing what you really want to spend your free time doing.

What are your favourite leadership lifehacks…please share by leaving a comment.


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