The Boss Hat for your teams

“Your Managers hold the key to your business success”

The Boss Hat Programme gives your Leaders everything they need, to deliver the results you want.

Are your Managers:

  • Working in silo’s, and not really thinking about the overall business, but just their small part of it?
  • Micro-managing their teams?
  • Spending most of their time being re-active?
  • Not focusing on engaging their employees?
  • Not communicating effectively?
  • Not behaving in a consistent manner in keeping with your company values?
  • Not stepping up to being a manager?
  • Reluctant to give feedback or make a decision?

Are you wondering how you can bring them all up to speed easily in order to take the business to the next level?

“Barbara has worked with Hainsworth for the past 12 months developing our manufacturing leadership team. This has involved both designing and delivering a leadership development programme, but also coaching individuals and embedding the learning back into the organisation.

Throughout the whole process Barbara became an extension of the team, taking the time to understand our needs to ensure the programme was fit for purpose. She also remained flexible and was able to adapt depending on the requirements of the delegates and of the business throughout the programme.

Barbara is a highly passionate learning and development specialist who focuses at all times on making a difference and delivering practical solutions that add value.

During the next stages of our Company’s transformation programme, I fully expect to be engaging Barbara’s assistance again to help develop our leadership teams to hit new heights of performance.

I would certainly have no problem recommending Barbara to other organisations.”

Andrew Johnson

Director, People, Safety & Performance

Your Team Leaders and Managers are the first port of call for your employees, and if they’re not demonstrating the right behaviours and skills, this will drip feed throughout the entire company potentially having an impact on: absence, labour turn over, productivity, performance, and your overall employee engagement.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Great leadership skills can be taught.

The Boss Hat Programme has been developed as a result of years of experience working with individuals and groups from Team Leader / Supervisor level through to Board of Director level, and it incorporates the Leadership Skills that will add the most value to your business.

Everything from beginning to end has your organisation and leaders in mind, and all delivered in a practical and easy to apply manner using relevant case studies from your organisation, and providing your managers every opportunity to put their new skills into practice.

You also receive full support on embedding the learning back into the workplace – so that you see maximum benefit from the programme.

PLUS all delegates will receive a copy of The Boss Hat at the start of the programme.

In a nutshell the programme has been designed to be used and to add value!


Here’s how it works…

The Full Programme consists of 5 workshops over a 5 month period and throughout that time you get full support on how to get the most out of it for your business, and for the managers attending.

Stage 1 – Success Meeting

This is where we agree what success looks like after the programme has completed so we all know where we’re heading and we all get all the information we need for the programme to be a success.

Stage 2 – Programme

5 workshops over a 5 month period. An outline of the content can be found below. You can also opt for a bonus of one to one coaching for your senior team so they’re kept in the loop and have all the skills they need to support their team.

Stage 3 – Review

Regular review sessions will take place throughout the programme, so we can always tweak should we need to. We’ll always have one eye on embedding the learning and work in partnership with you to ensure this happens.

We’ll also do a full review at the end along with support on embedding the programme throughout.


Programme Breakdown

Workshop 1 – One Team, One Vision

This workshop is a great starting point as it allows the group to bond together and to start thinking about the part they play and how that impacts on the wider team and the business as a whole. If you struggle with cliques, silo’s or ‘I’m Alright, Jack!’ mentality this will put them to bed and form a great foundation to build on.

The group will also start to explore what leadership means to them and what that means you as a company.

Workshop 2 – Leadership starts with you

It’s natural to think of leadership as something that senior players do…The Directors, Business Owners or Politicians of the world, however, in this workshop we explore what leadership looks like for the people in the room and how to step into the role. We’ll also be looking at how the way they operate can have a massive impact on themselves and their team. We’ll do this by exploring systems and how to manage time effectively.

Workshop 3 – Using your habits

At the heart of leadership is communication, and this is where we’ll be going into depth not only about the importance, but how to communicate effectively every single time. We’ll be looking at: How to listen, hold briefing sessions, and the importance of effective body language. 

Workshop 4 – Using your habits - part 2

This workshop is part 2 of using your habits and throughout this day we continue to explore how to get the best out of our teams. We will learn: how to develop empowered teams, how to share and collaborate with other team members; and how to give and receive feedback; and how to give feedback and have a difficult conversation.

Workshop 5 – Growing a Team

During this final workshop we’ll be exploring the importance of emotional intelligence and how to manage your own ‘triggers’ as well as those of other people.


Finishing Touches

Throughout the programme the managers attending will also:

  • Attend a group coaching session in between workshops to discuss progress and ensure everyone’s on track

There is also an additional option of:

  • One to one coaching either throughout or after the programme has completed to ensure continuous learning takes place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the programme aimed at?

Anyone in a leadership team within your company.

How long does it last?

The programme consists of 5 Workshops over 5 months. Each workshop is one day from 9.00 – 4.30pm in a venue of your choice.

How many people can attend?
Up to 15 per workshop. More workshops can be run to cater for larger teams.

For more information and to discuss how this programme can help your business:


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